Nanotechnology TCC

Coordinating A&WMA activities regarding technical matters in nanotechnology

About the Nanotechnology Technical Coordinating Committee (Nano TCC)
The Nano TCC works to create and deliver programming to the Nanotechnology community, including researchers, industry, consulting, non-government, government and legal sectors. We organize panel and platform sessions, workshops and webinars. Since the inception of the Nano TCC in 2014, our membership has expanded each year thanks to the growing list of experts and contributors joining Nano TCC from various domains of the continuously expanding field of nanotechnology.
We look forward to your joining our email list, so we can keep you updated on the upcoming programming Nano TCC organizes. We will also be happy to welcome your participation in our activities. Fell free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or propositions.

Nano TCC’s Mission 
At Nano TCC, our objectives are to popularize the knowledge of nanotechnologies and nanosafety and expand understanding of the complex and diverse problems that need to be addressed to ensure safe and sustainable development of nanotechnologies.
Within the Air & Waste Management Association, we strive to promote nanotechnology-related topics as a priority area in technical programming and service of the Association to its members, including the annual conferences and exhibitions of the A&WMA, webinars and workshops.

The responsibilities of the nanotechnology TCC extend across a wide array of scientific, technical and policy subjects including but not limited to environmental policy and regulation, measurement, health effects, monitoring, management, and safety issues associated with the development and use of nanomaterials, technologies and products.
Why A&WMA and Nanomaterials? 
There has been a sustained interest in the panel and platform sessions focused on topics related to nanotechnologies that have been regularly held at the A&WMA Annual Conference and Exhibition over the past 7 years. This interest of a critical number of the A&WMA members and conference attendees concurs with the unique mission A&WMA to serve as a neutral forum for joint work of the different stakeholders. A&WMA is therefore uniquely positioned as a credible, neutral organization for sharing environmental, health and safety developments in the field of nanotechnology.

Any member of A&WMA can be a member of this TCC.  Contact the Chair to see how you can get involved! 

The Team —Where the Passion Begins
Nano TCC has a team of exceptional and results-driven leaders who love to work with our growing clientele. Our team is eager to learn, open to new ideas and technologies and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment. 
NAN TCC Chair:          Candace Tsai
NAN TCC Co-Chair:    Surui Zang
NAN TCC Vice-Chair:  Sakib Pathan
NAN TCC Secretary:   Roya Mortazavi

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