Exhibit at Odour Conference 2024

Odour Management: Embracing Global Perspectives, May 14-16, 2024, Toronto, ON


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Sponsoring and exhibiting at this conference is a great opportunity to build your brand recognition, showcase your products and services, develop connections and relationships with industry experts, and be recognized as a leader in the field. Sponsors and exhibitors receive recognition on the website and at the conference, reaching many potential buyers. There are multiple package options to meet your marketing goals and budget.


  Gold Sponsor  
Ambiente et Odora (AEO) is an organisation based in Spain, offering environmental services with a special focus on odour management. They frequently carry out consultancy services around the world, ranging from training courses or organisation of conferences to reports and studies on odours, including odour dispersion modelling.

AEO has recently developed a new protocol on Engagement and Transparency and Communication (E&T&C Certificate) to try to measure how an industrial organisation manages its odour impact on the surrounding communities. They are looking for independent auditors and industrial organisations that are interested in embracing the E&T&C methodology.
  Silver Sponsor  

Founded in 1990, BIOREM® ( is a global clean technology engineering company with one objective: engineer, design, manufacture and distribute the most innovative and effective air emissions abatement technologies in the world. As a leader in environmental solutions, our engineering teams have installed more than 2,000 projects worldwide. We specialize in tackling the exceptionally difficult problems of odor, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and hazardous air pollutants, then engineering innovative solutions for the lowest life cycle cost of any technology.

Scentroid, a division of IDES Canada Inc., is a leading global manufacturer of air and odor sampling equipment. Based in Canada, Scentroid designs, manufactures, and sells Air Quality Chemical Analyzers, Olfactometers and accessories compliant with global measurement regulations. Our product line includes stationary, mobile, and wearable Air Quality Chemical Analyzers, Olfactometers, Flux Chambers, Air Collection Sample Bags, Vacuum Chambers, and Stack Samplers. We specialize in addressing odour issues in industries like Wastewater (WWTP), Landfills, Oil and Gas refineries/pipeline monitoring, and more by providing training, monitoring, and remediation solutions worldwide through innovative technologies for odor measurement and air quality analysis.

SciCorp BIOLOGIC™ is a proprietary plant-based liquid micronutrient product that is added between 1-100 ppm to biological wastewater treatment plants.  The technology eliminates odors in dewatered solids and throughout the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), reduces FOG (Fat, Oil, & Grease) and foam, reduces biosolids generation by up to 25%, increases chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), nitrogen (N), and phosphorus (P) removal rates by up to 25% and reduces energy consumption by up to 25%.  In anaerobic digestors, BIOLOGIC™ SR2 increases biogas production and significantly improves digester efficiency.  The technology boosts the activity of bacteria in aerobic, anaerobic and facultative environments. BIOLOGIC™ SR2 is extensively proven in municipal and industrial WWTPs worldwide, ranging from high-capacity plants to very low-flow lagoon systems.

  Gold Sponsor  
St. Croix Sensory is an industry-leading, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited sensory evaluation laboratory located in Minnesota, USA. Since 1980, St. Croix’s laboratory has specialized in sensory testing of environmental samples, commercial products and materials. In 2022, they expanded their capabilities and acquired a SIFT-MS for analytical evaluation of samples. In 2023, St. Croix Sensory opened an international office in the Greater Toronto Area, providing the first third-party odor laboratory in Canada. The products they manufacture and represent set the standard in the sensory testing industry, including the Nasal Ranger® Field Olfactometer,  Odor Track’r® odor monitoring, and “ODOR SCHOOL”® training programs. 

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