Outstanding Young Professional Award

Nomination Form

The Outstanding Young Professional Award will recognize an individual or individuals who are pursuing excellence in their careers and have made a valuable contribution to A&WMA by serving in a leadership position. To be eligible, a candidate must be a young professional working in the environmental profession. A young professional is defined by the Association as being 35 years of age or younger.

Any Association member can submit nominations for this award. The nominee's contribution to A&WMA must be documented to include leadership at the local level and/or the international level. Evidence may be provided in the form of references containing personal testimonies or corroboration of committee, section, chapter, and/or council experiences; commendations from the Board of Directors and/or other professional associations or societies; commendations from governmental and/or private sector groups.

Selection will be based on how the individual provided leadership for the A&WMA at the local (Section, Chapter) level and/or the international (Association) level, and how the individual is actively pursuing excellence in his or her environmental career.

Year Award Recipient(s)
2023 Lindsay Rice Salvador
2022 Stephanie C. Bolyard
2021 Stephanie Taylor
2020 Shira Colsky; Jason Krawczyk
2019 Ryan Ozment
2018 Paul Algu; Jessica Miller
2017 Laura Cremer
2015 Cynthia A. Carter; Jason S. Midgett
2014 Laurel Peterson
2013 Jen Cowman; Monica I. Sandoval
2012 Abhilash Vijayan
2011 Holly Krutka; Benjamin Sessions; Jennifer Tullier
2010 Steve Rybolt; Brad Waldron
2009 Ferdinand Alido; Fawn Bergen
2008 D. Laurie Bates-Frymel; Nancy E Meilahn Fowler