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REGENESIS is an expert provider of cost-effective in-situ soil and groundwater remediation products, vapor barrier systems and services. Offering turn-key solutions for remediating and polishing off a wide range of sites at the lowest total cost-to-closure. For over 25 years, REGENESIS has demonstrated a proven track record on more than 26,000 projects around the world. REGENESIS leads the industry with proven solutions to eliminate PFAS compounds and other emerging contaminants. REGENESIS is considered a technology leader in environmental remediation, working with environmental consulting firms serving a broad range of clients, including developers, insurance companies, manufacturers, municipalities, regulatory agencies and federal, state and local governments.

PFAS Case Studies

Remediation Journal Articles
Six Pilot-Scale Studies Evaluating the In-Situ Treatment of PFAS in Groundwater
In-Situ treatment of PFAS-impacted groundwater using colloidal activated carbon
Evaluating the Longevity of a PFAS In-Situ Colloidal Activated Carbon Remedy

PFAS Webinars
Six Pilot-Scale Studies Evaluating the In-Situ Treatment of PFAS in Groundwater
PFAS Perspectives: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Experience
Emerging PFAS Legal and Regulatory Strategies: Updates for the Regulatory Community
PFAS Contamination in Minnesota: Lessons Learned, Fate and Transport, and Reducing Exposure
Challenges of PFAS in Groundwater: Lessons Learned from Michigan’s Survey of Community Water
PlumeStop Technology with an Overview on In-Situ Containment of Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFAS & PFOA)
In-Situ Containment of PFAS with PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™



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