Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is a standing committee of the A&WMA Board of Directors. It is responsible for providing overall policy and editorial guidance for all publications of the Association, including the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (JA&WMA), EM magazine, technical books and CDs, and associated electronic archives. The objectives of the Publications Committee are to ensure that A&WMA publications are of high technical and editorial quality, directly pertinent to the needs and interests of the Association’s members and environmental professionals in general, and reflect a diverse range of issues and opinions supported by sound science. The Publications Committee may, from time to time, establish subcommittees to assist in ensuring these objectives are met or to address specific issues of interest. A&WMA Publications Committee Manual of Operations.

Prakash Doraiswamy, Chair
World Resources Institute
Term ends: 2026

Bret Schichtel, Vice Chair , ERB Chair
U.S. National Park Service
Term ends: 2026

Shannon Capps, ERB Vice Chair, Secretary
Drexell University
Term ends: 2026

John Kinsman, Immediate Past Chair
Term ends: 2026

Judith Chow
Desert Research Institute
Term ends: 2026

Joshua Fu
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Term ends: 2026
R.K.M. Jayanty
Research Triangle Institute
Term ends: 2024
Michael T. Kleinman
University of California, Irvine
Term ends: 2026

Ashok Kumar
University of Toledo
Term ends: 2026

Bryan Comer, EAC Chair
International Council on Clean Transportation
Term ends: 2025
Armistead Russell
Georgia Institute of Technology
Term ends: 2024
John Watson
Desert Research Institute
Term ends: 2024
Susan S.G. Wierman, CRC Chair
Johns Hopkins University
Term ends: 2026
Non-Voting (Ex Officio) Members

Anthony J. Schroeder, EAC Vice Chair
Trinity Consultants
Term Ends: 2025

Jeffrey L. Collett, Jr., JA&WMA Technical Editor-in-Chief