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Help us grow the Association by recommending new members! 


If you have benefitted from the information, resources, networking and career opportunities that A&WMA membership has to offer, surely you know someone else who would also see the value. Share your member expeirence and help us grow. That's what the Member-get-a-member campaign is all about! 

Get started now!  Learning and sharing information and making new contacts is what A&WMA membership is all about and local member units are the best place where members and nonmembers can realize that value. As with many other things, the more the merrier, and the value of A&WMA membership increases for everyone when more people are involved. Do you have people that regularly attend your local events that are not members?  Do you have co-workers or friends that would enjoy local events and being part of the professional environmental community?  Now is the time to recruit them to become members of A&WMA!  Your local unit will benefit and so will the new member. 

Additional membership and section resources: 

Sections & Chapters Council Operations Manual 

Member Reports Portal log in directions 

New Member Welcome Letter from Section or Chapter 

Lapsed Member Renewal Letter from Section or Chapter

Elevator Speech samples - How to tell people about the benefits of membership, all in the time of an average elevator ride. 

Graphic Standards Resource Manual 

Logo Downloads 

Full logo download 

Side logo download 
Marketing materials

Membership Recruitment Brochure 

Member Benefits Guide 

ACE 2020 Promotion Materials 
Exhibit/Sponsor Prospectus