World Atlas of Atmospheric Pollution

 World Atlas of Atmospheric Pollution
Written by leading experts and edited by Ranjeet Sokhi, this full-color atlas provides a beautifully designed, informative and comprehensive overview of the state of air pollution from city to global scales. Using high-quality graphical illustrations, it begins with a historical perspective before addressing topics such as urban and global air pollution, long-range transmission of pollution, ozone depletion and the impacts of air pollution, as well as future trends. The "World Atlas of Atmospheric Pollution" is an essential source of information for environmental professionals, scientists, consultants, city officials, air quality experts, industrialists, students, and policy-makers. Each topic is presented in a way that makes it accessible to the non-expert as well as to the more informed reader. Normally retailing at $250, A&WMA is able to offer this atlas at a greatly reduced price.

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Authors/Editors: Ranjeet S Sokhi, Editor

Year Published: 2008

Publisher: Anthem Press

Format: hardcover