Boiler MACT-The Path Forward Webinar (March 2013)

 Boiler MACT-The Path Forward Webinar (March 2013)
In Hot Water: The Boiler MACT and What To Do About It -- After years of uncertainty and many false starts, EPA finally issued its final, reconsidered regulations setting NESHAPs both for Major and Area Sources known collectively as the Boiler MACT. The regulations set standards for large energy generating units and small commercial and industrial boilers including emissions limits, work practice standards, and monitoring and reporting requirements. For major sources, especially in the power industry, these regulations will expand significantly the level of control applied to generating units, especially older units not subject to new source standards. For smaller area boilers, these rules impose notification and compliance requirements to previously unregulated sources, bringing a universe of new facilities under the control of EPA. These rules also establish a path forward for using alternative fuels by identifying non-hazardous secondary materials which can be burned for energy recovery without implicating the waste incinerator rules. This webinar addresses the background and convoluted process by which the rules became adopted and then discuss the regulations themselves, including the types of sources to which the different rules apply and the varying emission limits and control requirements based on the age, size and fuel and the different sources. This webinar is far anyone with responsibility for operating either large or small combustion energy sources and for consultants and attorneys who provide advice and direction in this area.

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