ISO 14001 Webinar (April 2013)

 ISO 14001 Webinar (April 2013)
ISO 14001-Environmental Management System; Implementing the Requirements of the Standard -- The ISO 14000 series of standards address various aspects of environmental management. These standards provide practical tools for organizations looking to identify and control their environmental impact and continually improve their environmental performance. ISO 14001:2004 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and can be certified to. The standard provides a framework that an organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system. The webinar provides an excellent opportunity to the professionals seeking to understand and implement ISO 14001 in their organizations. The course gives participants the background to understand the standard's requirements and will focus on providing strategies and tools to implement the requirements of the standards. The participants will learn: Structure and requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; Documentation requirements for ISO 14001 EMS; Developing and implementing an EMS based on ISO 14001 requirements; Steps towards ISO 14001 certification.

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