Jump Start Your Environmental Career Webinar (April 2013)

 Jump Start Your Environmental Career Webinar (April 2013)
Students, listen up! Your degree program is a terrific way for you to develop your skills and knowledge, and it's also a great opportunity for you to start building your career launch platform. Ready to start moving toward a career that's both personally and financially rewarding? This webinar, "Jump Start Your Environmental Career!", will provide you with first-hand knowledge and perspective from a few of the most esteemed environmental professionals and young professionals in A&WMA. The actions, stories, and feedback are geared to help you "jumpstart" your career while you're still in college and help you focus on what might happen after you graduate. The good news is that by choosing to enroll in an environmental and/or engineering degree program that will open up better career opportunities for you, you've already demonstrated your willingness to do what it takes to jumpstart your career. You've already proven to yourself (and those around you) that you're willing to act, you're willing to work hard, you're willing to give up time today for a better life tomorrow. This webinar promotes these characteristics and encourage you make a bigger effort now that will positively affect your next moves in your career.

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