Shale Gas AQ Challenges Webinar (May 2012)

 Shale Gas AQ Challenges Webinar (May 2012)
Shale Development: Air Quality Permitting Challenges and Compliance Strategies -- Have you wondered about the environmental impact associated with the rapid development of shale gas as a fuel source? This webinar, jointly created by AIChE and the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA), provides a 90-minute summary of two recent studies from the Barnet Shale play. It provides the latest research results regarding air quality implications of shale gas development, from speakers who are on the cutting edge of understanding the characteristics of air emissions from shale gas. Together these studies inform policy, regulation, and practice in this rapidly expanding area. This webinar is a must for decision makers from regulatory agencies, research organizations, consulting firms, and corporations. Highlighted are Air quality in an area of active shale gas development, and Computed life cycle of GHG emissions. A panel of leading experts is featured.

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Authors/Editors: MaryEllen Ternes and Deanne Hughes

Year Published: 2012

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