The Dirt on PM2.5 Webinar (November 2012)

 The Dirt on PM2.5 Webinar (November 2012)
The Dirt on PM2.5: Implementation and Issues in 2012 and Beyond -- This webinar provides an up-to-date summary of the major issues being addressed in the PM2.5 New Source Review program, at both the federal and state levels and from both the regulated and regulator community. The presenters also discuss what the November 2012 election could mean for the PM2.5 New Source Review program. Since implementation of the New Source Review program is still in the formative stage (states are still working on attainment plans to submit to the EPA and the EPA is still working to address modeling and other issues), the Presidential election results likely signal either a continuation of the current policies on PM2.5 or a potential change in direction of these efforts. Although the first PM2.5 National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) was promulgated more than a decade ago, EPA had, until 2009, allowed use of PM10 as a surrogate for PM2.5 in conducting the analyses required for PSD and nonattainment area permits. The panel discusses the problems and progress associated with implementing the program.

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