Advanced PSD/NSR Workshop Series, Part 3: BACT--Exercises 3-5 Webinar (November 2014)

 Advanced PSD/NSR Workshop Series, Part 3: BACT--Exercises 3-5 Webinar (November 2014)
This third portion of Gary McCutchen's Advanced PSD/NSR Workshop includes exercises in Applicability; Cost Analysis; and PSD Increment Consumption Inventory, and includes a case study on Minnkota BACT. Mr. McCutchen suggested that participants view four documents he provided prior to the Webinar, and complete the exercises therein. The documents will be included with the webinar when downloaded. Please keep in mind that the exercises will take between 2-5 hours to complete. If there are several people viewing the webinar together, it is recommended for all to work together to complete the exercises. If a participant is unable to complete the exercises, he/she will still gain a lot of information from the webinar.

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