Successful Mainstream Deammonification -- Saving the Bay and Much More Webinar (November 2014)

 Successful Mainstream Deammonification -- Saving the Bay and Much More Webinar (November 2014)
This webinar provides an inside look at the implementation of one of the most advanced sustainable wastewater treatment plants in the US that also sets new benchmarks for environmental and social responsibility. Among the multiple drivers at the heart of the projects is a continued commitment to environmental protection and the restoration of regional waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. You will learn: 1) How the delicate balance of the robustness and reliability of mainstream deammonification is maintained while realizing significant energy and chemical savings. 2) About creating effective design and operating guidelines for selection of organisms for this innovative nutrient management process. 3) How the implementation concepts were developed and deployed. 4) How a calibrated process model was developed for use as a design tool. 5) How this information was disseminated globally.

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