EPA's 111(d) Proposal and Your Options: Are You Ready? Webinar (November 2014)

 EPA's 111(d) Proposal and Your Options: Are You Ready? Webinar (November 2014)
Electricity consumers, planners, regulators and generators will be impacted by new carbon emissions guidelines for existing electricity utility generating units under Clean Air Act section 111(d). The Administration's Clean Power Plan sets targets and has stated that their goal is to allow flexibility for individual state programs. Sounds great, but how do we do it? Is there adequate time to complete state plans and for their review? Is there adequate time for utilities to implement requirements within the binding interim compliance period? How can states implement enforceable requirements into Permits, especially for renewables and energy efficiency? Will this stand up in the courts? Learn the latest thinking from leaders each holding a different perspective, as you prepare comments for the U.S. EPA by Dec. 1.

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