An Update on Canadian Climate Policy Webinar (January 2015)

 An Update on Canadian Climate Policy Webinar (January 2015)
Since the Copenhagen Summit in 2009 international, continental and domestic pressure has grown on Canada to develop regulation and reduce GHG emissions. This pressure is being felt with the development of low carbon fuel standards (limiting the import of high GHG intensive crudes) and ENGO focus political focus on constraining new infrastructure aimed at increasing export potential of Canadian oil and gas. However, given the recent collapse in the price of oil, the Federal Government appears to be in no rush to regulate industry without similar commitment from US and international emitters. The Provinces have been developing bespoke approaches to reducing emissions, from Quebec's Cap and Trade program, to Alberta's Specified Gas Emitters Regulation, through B.C.'s Carbon Tax. This webinar provides context on Federal and Provincial GHG policy.

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