Issues in Measurement of Condensable Particulates Webinar (February 2015)

 Issues in Measurement of Condensable Particulates Webinar (February 2015)
This second webinar on condensable particulates focuses on Method 202--History, Revisions, Updates, and 2014 Interim Guidance.

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It looks at where the EPA Method works and where it does not--low and high level results: Dilution and Alternative Methods; Best Practices and Shared Experience; and where we're going. Included is a panel discussion with US EPA, Laboratory, Consultant, and Industry representatives.

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Two other webinars in this series are also available. See "Regulation of Condensable Particulate Matter - The Big Picture" (product code Webinar-34) and "Getting Permits and Estimating Emissions for Condensable Particulates (You Can't Pretend it is PM-10 Anymore)" (product code Webinar-36).

Authors/Editors: Jason Dewees, Kevin Crosby, Glenn England, Ray Merrill; panelist: Ashok Jain

Year Published: 2015

Publisher: A&WMA

Format: online