Control of Condensables (What works? Where? How well?) Webinar (May 2015)

 Control of Condensables (What works? Where? How well?) Webinar (May 2015)
"Our test firm just told me that our PM2.5 emissions have increased 25% due to inclusion of Condensable Particulate Matter (CPM). What can I do now?"

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By EPA definition, gaseous emissions that condense to form particulate matter at ambient temperature are to be included in measurements of PM10, or PM2.5 emissions. For some sources, the addition of CPM to filterable particulates has as much as doubled their PM10 or PM2.5 emissions. This can be a big problem – especially if the source is already at or near its particulate emission limits and sees few options for further reduction. This Webinar addresses available options for control of CPM from a variety of sources. Controls covered include wet electrostatic precipitation, lime injection, trona injection, and other approaches. Real world performance as well as limitations are discussed.

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Authors/Editors: Mike Atwell, Jim Dickerman, Paul Farber, and James "Buzz" Reynolds

Year Published: 2015

Publisher: A&WMA

Format: online