NOx, NOx Who's There? Understanding NOx Formation and Control Webinar (November 2016)

 NOx, NOx Who's There? Understanding NOx Formation and Control Webinar (November 2016)
NOx emissions are one of the most heavily regulated air pollutants and the hottest and most discussed topics in air pollution control today. Today NOx emission limitations are applied to both small and large mobile and stationary sources. Drive a diesel truck? Have to put that blue liquid in the tank? You're controlling NOx. Operate a backup generator at a school or hospital? Chances are it is equipped with a catalytic converter to control NOx. On a larger scale, if you're operating a large combustion source at a chemical plant or refinery, you have likely spent some time in the last few years estimating your NOx emissions and finding a way to reduce them either administratively or with control devices. This webinar covers the information you need to understand the combustion chemistry that results in NOx formation and provides real world examples of combustion and post-combustion technologies for reducing the NOX that is produced from stationary sources. In addition to technical details, the webinar includes strategies for minimizing the cost of emissions control.

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