Regulatory Law for Non-Lawyers (July 2017)

 Regulatory Law for Non-Lawyers (July 2017)
Presented in an easy-to-follow manner, this webinar is everything you wanted to know about Environmental Law but were afraid to ask. Ideal for any non-legal environmental professional interested in learning more about environmental law and non-compliance, it will acquaint you with the basics of regulatory law, including legal fundamentals, questions of federal/state/local jurisdiction, and include practical examples of applied laws and regulations. You will learn the legal basis for regulation, the difference between rules and guidance, and the key considerations in managing compliance risk.

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The legal portion of the Webinar covers how a bill becomes a law, becomes a regulation, becomes guidance, becomes a permit, and becomes enforceable. Environmental statutes, rules, guidance, and enforcement will also be discussed as well as understanding the legal basis for government action. Examples and hypotheticals for “making it concrete” and how to interpret ambiguous regulation are also included. Discussion and examples provide information on how to gain levels of clarity and reduce risk, how to manage risk, and what to do if someone has just laid an issue on your desk. Managing alleged violations with a state and federal component is also covered. After completing your purchase, you will be contacted by e-mail--normally within a week--with the link and the copyright stipulations for usage. This product purchase cannot be cancelled or refunded once the link is provided to the customer.

Authors/Editors: Bill Hefner, Jon Bloomberg

Year Published: 2017

Publisher: A&WMA

Format: online