Guideline on Air Quality Models: The CHANGES 2017

 Guideline on Air Quality Models: The CHANGES 2017
This 7th conference on issues related to the Guideline on Air Quality Models (40CFR Part 51 Appendix W) corresponded perfectly to the 1-year period after Appendix W promulgation in 2016. The implementation of the changes has taken place and valuable experience has been gained. See what experts have learned! Topics covered in these online proceedings were Status of the Guideline, CAA Permit Streamlining, AERMOD, Cumulative Impact Analysis, Single Source Ozone, and more. Sessions covered AERMOD Issues and Applications, Meteorological Issues, Aerodynamic Downwash, and Secondary Formation Modeling. NOTE: These proceedings are only available electronically. After completing your purchase, you will be contacted by email—normally within a week--with the link and the copyright stipulations for usage. This product purchase cannot be cancelled or refunded once the link is provided to the customer.
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