Managing Risk in the Title V Certification Process (January 2018)

 Managing Risk in the Title V Certification Process (January 2018)
The Title V program is 27 years old, yet its compliance demonstration and certification requirements continue to pose challenges for many Title V permittees. This webinar summarized the Title V certification obligations and addressed pertinent issues using case studies and easy-to-understand examples for non-legal professionals. Major topics covered included: Reasonable Inquiry efforts; Responsible Official certifications; materials that should accompany a certification to manage risk; and managing compliance risk through the permitting (or reissuance) process. In addition to covering the legal basics, this webinar offered practical advice on how to understand, communicate, and manage compliance risk. After completing your purchase, you will be contacted by e-mail--normally within a week--with the link and the copyright stipulations for usage. This product purchase cannot be cancelled or refunded once the link is provided to the customer.
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Year Published: 2018

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