Coal Combustion Residuals Webinar Part 2: What is Happening Now? (August 2018)

 Coal Combustion Residuals Webinar Part 2: What is Happening Now? (August 2018)
This part 2 of the Coal Combustion Residuals webinar series discusses the federal rule that published a 42-month staggered timeline of compliance for achieving the minimum technical and operational requirements in the rule. The final requirements from the rule are due to be certified by October 17, 2018. Activity pursuant to compliance with this rule has transitioned from compliance milestones to continued implementation of the rule under state or federal oversight. How states have been implementing state and federal requirements is presented, as well as a discussion with an EPA staff member about federal permits and the review process for authorizing state CCR permit programs. After completing your purchase, you will be contacted by e-mail—normally within a week—with the link and the copyright stipulations for usage. This product purchase cannot be cancelled or refunded once the link is provided to the customer.
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Authors/Editors: Jon Risgaard, Susan Mooney, Harold D. Register

Year Published: 2018

Publisher: A&WMA

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