All About CEMS Part 1 (May 2019)

 All About CEMS Part 1 (May 2019)
Part 1 of the CEMS series will focus on key regulatory requirements for most CEMS applications along with sample system design considerations. The series will dive into the regulatory requirements including EPA performance specifications and testing methods that dictate Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS) design, operation, and data availability. Technical considerations for selecting and designing continuous sampling, data acquisition, and reporting systems will be reviewed along with the steps to take to ensure successful RATA’s.

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Presenters: Mindi Faubion, PE, Air Quality Director, Providence Engineering and Environmental Group LLC
Brian Fowler, Director of Engineering and Marketing, Environmental Systems Corporation
Paul Hollis, Air Quality Field Services Manager, Providence Engineering
Don Klotz, Business Development Manager, M&C Tech Group North America
Paula Metz, Technical Services Regional Manager, Alliance Source Testing

Moderator: Jason Midget, Environmental Engineer, Placid Refining Company, LLC

Year Published: 2019

Publisher: A&WMA

Format: online

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