Stack Testing Webinar Series: From Stack to Lab and Everything in Between (May 2019)

 Stack Testing Webinar Series: From Stack to Lab and Everything in Between (May 2019)
The three-part series will look at the stack side and lab side of each method, will discuss the calculations that are performed, and will cover how to assess if the method is being performed correctly, common challenges with the methods, and how to understand the quality assurance and quality control data you see in a laboratory report.

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Includes all three sessions:

Part 1: The Ins and Outs of USEPA Methods 1 and 2 – Flow Measurement and Beyond (WEBINAR-73a)
Presented by Bob Finken, Senior Vice President, Montrose Environmental

Part 2: Metals Emissions from Stationary Sources – What are those funny purple stains on my stack tester’s clothes? (WEBINAR-73b)
Presented by Jesse Rocha, Business Development and Project Manager, METCO Environmental and Kevin Woodcock, Senior Project Manager, Eurofins TestAmerica Laboratories,

Part 3: Dioxins, Furans & PCBs Behind the Scenes
Presented by: Amy Boehm, Senior Project Manager, SGS North America and Jordan Laster, Vice President Analytical Services, Alliance Source Testing (WEBINAR-73c)

Year Published: 2019
Publisher: A&WMA
Format: online

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