The Evolution of Emission Controls on Biogas Engines (June 2019)

 The Evolution of Emission Controls on Biogas Engines (June 2019)
The webinar describes the history of emissions controls employed on biogas (e.g., landfill gas, digester gas, etc.) engines that are used in renewable energy projects. It includes a summary of the evolution of these controls over the last 20 years and cover the regulatory requirements that have affected these controls, including determinations of BACT or LAER, in addition to case studies where these controls were employed. The audience for this webinar includes consultants in the air quality field, vendors of emissions control technologies, engine plant owner/operators, air regulators, and renewable energy project developers.
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Presented by:
Christian Colline, PE, BCEE, CPP, Director of Air Programs, West Waste Management
Sharon Frank, QEP, Manager, Environmental Compliance, Montauk Energy
Patrick S. Sullivan, REPA, CPP, BCES, Senior Vice President, SCS Engineers