How to Avoid LDAR Compliance Pitfalls (November 2019)

 How to Avoid LDAR Compliance Pitfalls (November 2019)
Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) has more opportunities for non-compliance than any other environmental area. This webinar will offer attendees the opportunity to learn about the most common and unusual compliance pitfalls in this area. Highly experienced presenters who have worked in every phase of LDAR from monitoring technician to site supervisor to area manager to corporate quality assurance will identify 6 danger zone areas and highlight both the problems and solutions to work around them.
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Presenters will lead an interactive discussion on working with fugitive emissions before M21 and NSPSVV and reveal the secret to why certain parts of Method 21 were written the way they were.

Presented by: Graham “Buzz” Harris, Chemical Engineer, TRICORD Consulting, LLC; Mark Kelsey, Client Relationship Manager, TRICORD. Moderated by: Brian Whitley, Vice President of Compliance, Emission Monitoring Service.