That’s Confidential: Protecting Information in Regulatory Submittals (February 2020)

 That’s Confidential: Protecting Information in Regulatory Submittals (February 2020)
The requirements that establish protections for confidential business information (CBI) can vary significantly by jurisdiction. This can frequently cause the potential for improper characterization of data as CBI by industry, disagreement over which information may be protected as confidential, and/or the release of critical CBI to the general public, including a company’s competitors. Perspectives from the industrial, regulatory, and legal communities will be provided. The importance to industry for maintaining CBI while balancing the need of regulatory agencies and the public to have access to needed information when reviewing regulatory submittals will be elaborated.
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Presented by: Brian Bunger, Chief Legal Officer, Bay Area Air Quality Management District; Adam Driscoll, Senior Air Quality Consultant, Barr Engineering Company; Bill Hefner, Attorney, Environmental Law Group. Moderated by: Chris Nelson, Environmental Permitting Manager, 3M Company.