AP-42 7.1 for Storage Tanks – Finally Final! (April 2020)

 AP-42 7.1 for Storage Tanks – Finally Final! (April 2020)
On November 20, 2019, the US EPA published revisions to its AP-42 emission factor guide, Chapter 7.1, for estimating air emissions from storage tanks. This webinar will review the final revisions, highlight differences from the proposed revisions, and identify the more significant potential impacts, including: methodology for estimating tank cleaning emissions; revision of tank temperature equations, guidance for tanks storing hot stocks; increase of the default vapor pressure for No. 6 Oil; addition of emission factors for new deck fitting options, and; statement that EPA's TANKS software β€œis known to have errors, and is no longer supported."

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Presented by: Rob Ferry, P.E., Trinity Consultants; Harold Laurence, P.E., Trinity Consultants. Moderated by: Jeff Eickhoff,Vice President of International Sales, HMT LLC.