What Does Carbon Capture Really Mean for Industry? (April 2020)

 What Does Carbon Capture Really Mean for Industry? (April 2020)
Reduction of greenhouse gases requires capturing CO2 from industries that use fossil fuel such as electricity, cement production, and steelmaking. The viable options for capture of CO2 can vary by industry. Learn how the need for carbon capture can affect your industry. What are the technologies that are ready now, and on the future horizon? Since much carbon capture will have to be applied on existing plants, there are many challenges associated with implementing carbon capture. Experts will present solutions they have used to overcome these challenges. The webinar will also present current technical knowledge on how to apply CO2 capture using world-wide demonstrations as examples, as well as discuss the global policy efforts to advance carbon capture.
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Presented by: Paul Farber, Principal, P. Farber & Associates, LLC; Anthony Licata, Co-Owner, Licata Energy and Environmental Consultants; Constance Senior, PhD, Executive Editor-in-Chief, Clean Energy. Moderated by: Ron Huffman, QEP, Environmental Consultant.