Practical Dispersion Modeling: Everything You Need to Know (May 2020)

 Practical Dispersion Modeling: Everything You Need to Know (May 2020)
Learn all the information needed to complete nearly every AERMOD dispersion modeling analysis you will ever perform in your career, without any fluff. This webinar will cover details on which model programs are needed, what data is required for those programs, and where to find the data. In addition, the presenter will demonstrate how to manipulate the data to construct input files and get the model running so you can get your job done. The webinar will outline critical items for most every model, including: input selection; meaning of the selected value; what the model does with that value; consequences of selecting the value; the decision-making process behind the selection.
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Presented by: Robert Opiela, P.E., CEO and Co-founder, NaviKnow. Moderated by: Jason Midgett, Environmental Engineer, Placid Refining Company LLC.