NOx Air Pollution Control Technologies (October 2020)

 NOx Air Pollution Control Technologies (October 2020)
Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) is a criteria air pollutant and a precursor for particulate matters. Reducing NOx emissions is an effective tool to reduce ambient fine particulate matter PM2.5. This webinar will provide you important information to design and/or review NOx air pollution control technologies, estimate associated equipment costs, and address the permitting, monitoring and compliance related challenges to control equipment for stationary sources. The presenters include a recognized panel of regulatory and technology experts with multiple years of experience in the field of air pollution control technologies and regulatory compliance.

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Presenters: Charles E. Baukal, Jr., Ph.D., Ed.D., P.E., QEP, Director, John Zink Institute; Jeffrey Broderick, Director, Retrofit Solutions, CECO Environmental; Bhaskar Chandan, P.E., QEP, Senior Air Quality Engineering Manager, South Coast Air Quality Management District. Moderators/Presenters: Nathan Schindler, JD, B.S., Technical Sales Manager, Evonik Corporation; Minh Pham, M.S., P.E., Consultant.