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If you're a professional or student involved in the environmental industry, there's no better time to join A&WMA and gain access to the resources you need to stay informed, advance your career, and make a difference. 

As the leading international association for environmental professions, A&WMA has more than 5,000 members, 34 Sections, and 65 Chapters worldwide. A&WMA offers technical information, continuing education, career resources, networking, discounts, and many more benefits! With the constant changes in the industry, A&WMA can help you be among the first to hear about, and respond to a shifting market. Membership is a solid investment in your future and your professional development. 

Top 10 Reasons to Join A&WMA now:
         10.  Information access
9.  Conferences 
8.  Webinars 
7.  Networking 
6.  Leading publications
5.  Leadership opportunities
4.  Career advancement 
3.  Global perspective 
2.  Recognition 
1.  And the number one reason to join A&WMA
 . . . To be a part of the solutions driving the industry. 
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Make a difference for the environment, your company, and your career! 
Consider the benefits of membership as a career insurance policy and qualify for savings that can easily cover the cost of your annual dues.   See all of our Membership Benefits here. 

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A&WMA offers a variety of categories of membership to meet your changing needs at every stage of professional development.  

Individual Membership
$195 USD
Individual membership is available to environmental professionals interested in expanding their professional knowledge and networks, who share the mission and objectives of the Association. 

Young Professional Membership
$98 USD
Any person, age 35 or under, working in or with the environmental industry, who is interested in accomplishing the mission and objectives of the Association. This membership is valid for the first five consecutive years of A&WMA membership in this category. Young Professional Memberships must be renewed annually. 

Emeritus Membership
$98 USD
Current members can upgrade to this level if the are 65 years of age or older and have at least 15 years of A&WMA membership. Please contact Customer Service at 412-904-6018 if you qualify.

Student Membership
Full-time undergraduate or graduate students are eligible for discounted membership in A&WMA while enrolled.
$35 USD

Be sure to learn about our Graduation Gift to student members!

Organizational Membership
Organizational Membership is a perfect solution for companies and organizations with more than 6 environmental professionals who want to reduce membership costs and increase participation in A&WMA.

Thanks to all of our Organizational Members for your continued support!  
Is your company on this list? If not, consider supporting the objectives of A&WMA, the environment, and your employees today. 

Organizational Membership (up to 10 members)
$595/company + $98/employee USD
Organizational Membership (more than 10 members)
$1,495/company + $98/employee USD
Organizational Government Membership
$470/company + $98/employee USD
For questions or more information on the advantages of becoming an A&WMA member, please contact a Member Services Representative at