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»  Read our COP 24 Blog in the Industry Insights section 

»  Announcing the Impacts of Wildfires on Air Quality and Health conference, February 13-14 in Santa Rosa, CA! 

»  ACE Call for Abstracts deadline has been extended to December 10, 2018.

»   NSR Workshop on December 11-12 in Louisville, KY is still open for registration  

»   New Webinar on December 11 - 
Air Sensors: New Opportunities, New Challenges and Impacts on Sources and Regulators

»  Course proposals for ACE 2019 are due December 13. 


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  June 25-28, 2019
  Quebec City, QC, Canada 

Call for Abstracts available!  Share your knowledge and be a part of this international event. Platform, poster, and panel abstracts due December 10. 

Course proposals are due December 13. 

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A&WMA at the COP 24 Meeting! 

The 24th Session on the Conference of the Parties (COP 24) to the United Nations Framwork Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is going on now in Katowice, Poland.  A&WMA is an "Admitted NGO" and President-elect Michele Gehring and Mike DeBusschere will be attending, Read their blog posts in the Industry Insights column. 

Musings from Mike DeBusschere—The conference is HUGE and not too user-friendly.  Lots of walking and they are “paperless” per the information booth.  They don’t have a printed program that I could see anywhere.  Food lines are long, there is a restaurant-like sit down area in Building E.  There is something called the BUG which is a large presentation auditorium all the way at the end of Building G.  Many of the interesting sessions are given there.  Much of the conference square footage is temporary construction. 
The good things are that throughout all of Katowice and its suburbs the trains and buses are free. The conference runs free shuttles (buses labeled COP1 and COP2) from the main train station to the conference, and also to many hotels. My hotel also is providing free bottled water and a shuttle (bus labeled COP4) to the conference & back. There are a lot of country exhibits in the E building.