Air Quality Models

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Announcing the 8th Specialty Conference on this evolving topic! Planned by the Air and Waste Management Association, in conjunction with the Atmospheric Modeling and Meteorology Committee (APM) of the Technical Council, this conference will build on past successes and cover the implementation of the changes, experience gained, and viable solutions. 

With the U.S. EPA’s 12th Conference on Air Quality Models expected to be held later in 2019, this is the perfect opportunity for air quality modelers to share their research, experience and thoughts on the state of air quality modeling science, assessment of current regulatory requirements and recommendations for enhancements and new developments needed to meet future regulatory air modeling needs and requirements.

Final Program available

General conference chair:  Michael Hammer, Lakes Environmental Software
Technical program co-chairs:  Pete Catizone, Woodard Curran, and Robert Paine, AECOM

Planning committee: 
Abhishek Bhat, Ramboll
Sergio Guerra, GHD
Gale Hoffnagle, TRC Environmental Corporation 
David Long, AEP
Ralph Morris, Ramboll
George Schewe, Trinity Consultants
Tony Schroeder, Trinity Consultants
Justin Walters, Southern Company