Atmospheric Optics: Aerosols, Visibility, and the Radiative Balance

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A&WMA will be hosting the Atmospheric Optics: Aerosols, Visibility, and the Radiative Balance Conference in person from October 5-8, 2021 at Ruby’s Inn in Bryce Canyon, UT!

Recognizing that there are continuing concerns about exposure to Covid-19 and while the path forward is promising, there are still many unknowns. To allow the conference to be the most productive and interactive, we recommend that all participants who are eligible be fully vaccinated. It is our goal to be able to offer the conference in a mask-free environment, but the safety of our attendees, participants, and staff is our main concern, and we will be following the recommended national and local guidelines and taking all precautions necessary at that time.

Pre-registration will be required by August 31 for all presenters and attendees. 
We look forward to your participation in the Visibility Specialty Conference at Bryce Canyon.

About the Conference

This international conference will provide a technical forum on advances in the scientific understanding of the effects of aerosols on urban, regional, continental, and global-scale haze and the radiative balance. The conference will take a multipronged approach by encouraging scientific dialogue (e.g., related to measurements, modeling) as well as including presentations addressing regulatory and policy issues. New topics added for 2021 include sessions on biomass burning and the effects of wildfire, including fire behavior and forecasting, impacts on visibility, radiative balance and health, and possible mitigation strategies. Sessions will be added related to the increasing concerns of the effects of atmospheric nitrogen and carbonaceous material on haze, climate change, and nitrogen deposition on ecosystems. 

The area has spectacular scenery and is immediately adjacent to the Class I, visibility-protected area of Bryce Canyon National Park.

This unique event includes multiple opportunities for attendees and presenters to gain a complete understanding of the wide range of issues on this topic through platform and poster presentations, expert panels, courses, and a vendor exhibit. 

In addition, a mid-conference field trip to Bryce Canyon National Park with various levels of hiking and a visit to the IMPROVE site will provide opportunities for informal discussions on conference topics. A night sky program and star gazing will round out the exciting week in Bryce Canyon! 

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