Top Environmental Industry Stories from 2021 — Part 2

Newswire—As we reflect on the past year of progress in the environmental industry, we continue our look back at the most accessed articles from the A&WMA Newswire last year.

Even with the pandemic still looming, 2021 was a year of progress for the environmental industry.  Newswire compiled a list of the most read articles from 2021, and we continue to look back in Part 2. Check out the full issue with article links and excerpts included, or click on each title for the individual article. 

A Carbon Calculation: How many deaths do emissions cause?
The New York Times, Aug. 4

Capping methane-spewing oil wells, one hole at a time
The Washington Post, July 8

US Department of Energy announces $24 million to capture carbon emissions directly from air
BIC Magazine, Aug. 25

Carbon emissions could plummet. The atmosphere will lag behind
NPR, April 21

Nearly half of oil and gas emissions could be cut without spending a penny
CBS News, July 14

Divers point to a broken pipeline as the source of the gulf oil spill
The Associated Press via NPR, Sept. 8

Texas matters: The state of climate change denial
Texas Public Radio, June 30

How industrial fishing creates more CO2 emissions than air travel
Time, March 24

EPA moves to reduce super-polluting greenhouse gases
ABC News, Sept. 29

Dead snakes and mice, toxic sludge: How pathogens go unnoticed in America's water towers
USA Today, May 26


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