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In Memorium:  David Yanochko 
Dave Yanochko was a member of A&WMA since 1984 and earned the status of A&WMA Fellow. He was very active in the East Michigan Chapter and the East Central Section as Treasurer.  He worked for the State of Michigan and as a consultant afterwards.  View the obituary.

Hold It! The Case for Hard Thinking, Honesty and Humility when Assessing Environmental Health Risks written by Joe Duckett and Jeffrey Pierce is the #1 new release in Environmental and Natural Resources on Amazon. 

History shows popular beliefs about environmental hazards and health risks — whether alarmist or dismissive — are often wrong. Leaded paint never protected human health. Acid mine drainage never protected us against Typhoid fever. Sulfur dioxide never prevented blindness or cleansed lungs. Banning straws won't alleviate oceanic plastic pollution. Government programs for re-powering with alternative energy won't arrest global climate change.

This thought-provoking book argues that we should "Hold It" long enough to follow facts and science before accepting environmental misconceptions. Published by Stairway Press.     Order now through Amazon! 



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