Environmental Priorities for the New Administration

EM—Stakeholders offer their perspectives and recommendations regarding U.S. environmental policy and regulation.

by John Bachmann

This issue, my last effort as a member of EM's Editorial Advisory Committee, is a bit different from others I have organized. In previous issues, we have asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to summarize a policy or regulation and then invited stakeholders to give their perspectives and recommendations regarding that policy or regulation. By contrast, for this issue, we pose a much broader charge to the invited participants and groups; that is, what are your perspectives and recommendations regarding the most important air- and/or waste management-related priorities for the new U.S. Administration?

We invited contributions from EPA, two states, industry, and environmental groups, as well as a member of the environmental science community. EPA initially agreed to write the lead article, submitting a draft that was accepted for publication, but ultimately withdrew the article a week before the deadline for final submission. Happily, other stakeholders accepted the challenge, and have provided an interesting set of articles.

Given the broad charge, each group prepared their contributions independently of the others. In some cases, the authors reacted to recent relevant actions and positions taken by the Trump Administration and EPA, while others placed more emphasis on specific issues, actions, and recommendations of greatest importance to their group. As you will see, most of the discussion focused on air issues.

Members can read the full September issue of EM.