A&WMA at COP 25: What do you want to learn about?

A&WMA has official observer status at the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties and are sending three delegates to Madrid to provide coverage of the program for our members.  We're looking for your help in determining how our delegates should spend their time on the ground in Madrid as there are many different types of sessions and meetings at COP, and not enough time to get to all of them. 
The COP meetings include four different types of sessions: 
  1. High level policy discussions and negotiations
  2. Technical sessions on climate change impacts, mitigation, and adaptation projects
  3. Socio-economic sessions that evaluate the impacts that climate change is having on our communities and actions governments are taking to help
  4. Country-hosted exhibits that have sessions on individual activities and initiatives within the individual country or political union. 
We're curious as to which of these types of sessions you find most interesting.  Please take a look through some of the examples below from last year and let us know what you think!  To learn more about each session, check out our delegates' reports on each from COP24 in the blog menu to the left. 
Examples of high level policy discussions/negotiations:
  • From Science to Policy – Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in a 1.5C Warmer World
  • 7 Million Unacceptable Deaths – Special COP24 Health and Climate Change Report
  • Actions and Support before 2020 – Where we are now
  • IPCC Sponsored Short Course on the Paris Agreement
  • Pre-2020 Stocktake
  • Third High-Level Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Finance
  • Talanoa Dialogue – Opening Meeting
  • Informal Consultation on Linkages of Finance and Technology
  • Talanoa Dialogue – Closing Meeting 
Examples of technical sessions:
  • Experiences Learned from Clean Development Mechanisms
  • Shocks and Stressors:  Water's Essential Role in Addressing Climate Change and Disaster Risk
  • Inclusive energy mix – The Only Effective Way to Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Business Exploration of Carbon Neutral Pathways at Country Level
  • Optimizing the Integration of Ocean-related Issues in NDCs and NAPs for the Achievement of SDG14
  • Climate Action in the Travel Sector
  • Closing Plenaries 
Examples of socio-economic focused sessions:
  • Local Communities Prepare for a Post-Carbon Future
  • Decarbonizing the Cities and Communities through Distributed Energy Resources
  • How do we get there?  The Role of Agriculture, Energy, and Systemic Change to Meet the Paris Agreement
  • Business Innovation Accelerating Climate Action
  • The Future of Wine:  Bordeaux 2020
  • Gender – Raising Ambition and Changing Lives; Empowering Female Negotiators
  • The Climate Criss and Its Solutions 
  • Momentum for Change – Financing for Climate Action
  • Climate Education Starts at School
Examples of country-hosted sessions:
  • German Pavilion – Finding the Right Chemistry for GHG Neutrality
  • EU Pavilion – Climate Security – Big Data and the Responsibility to Prepare
Tell us what you would like to hear about in the comments section below! 


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