February 2023

This month, EM presents a cross section of the information presented at A&WMA’s 9th Guideline on Air Quality Models Specialty Conference held in September 2022 in Durham, NC.


 Inside This Month's Issue


Continued Advancements in Regulatory Air Quality Dispersion Modeling
Anthony J. Schroeder

EPA’s Near-Future Development Priorities for the AERMOD Modeling System
by Clint Tillerson, George Bridgers, R. Chris Owen, David Heist, James Thurman, Alyssa Piliero, Chris Misenis, and Matthew Porter

Development and Evaluation of GRSM for NO2 Conversion in AERMOD

by Jenny Stocker, Martin Seaton, James O’Neill, Kate Johnson, Rose Jackson, Christopher Rabideau, Robert Paine, Christopher Warren, and David Carruthers

Environmental Justice and Air Permitting in the United States 

y Sonja Sax, Joseph Sabato, Tiffany Stefanescu, and Brian Holland

Incorporation of Monte Carlo Statistical Simulation Techniques in an Air Dispersion Modeling Analysis
by Richard Hamel, Ryan Cleary, and Aditya Shivkumar

Also This Month...

Climate Change Perspectives: COP27—What Was Accomplished?
by Miriam Lev-On and Perry Lev-On

Message from the President: Meetings, Membership, and Air Quality Modeling 

by Jordan M. Haywood

EPA Research Highlights Roundup 

A roundup of the latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research.

A&WMA Calendar of Events: What’s on Tap for 2023?

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