Individual Papers/Presentations

Individual proceedings papers may also be purchased.  View the list and note the File Names (and Volume number, if any) of those desired.  It is a large document and may take a while to appear.
Contact us to provide order and payment information.  Please include the full information of the paper desired, including authors, title, product file name, and volume (if any).  The pricing per work will be calculated as follows:
  • Those published in electronic format:
    • Current A&WMA Members:
      • Works 3 years old and under: US$5.00
      • Works over 3 years old: FREE if ordered in limited quantities
    • Nonmembers: US$20.00
  • Those published in hardcopy (will be scanned and delivered via email):
    • Current A&WMA Members: US$18.00
    • Nonmembers: US$25.00