Air Pollution Engineering Manual, Second Edition

 Air Pollution Engineering Manual, Second Edition
The "Air Pollution Engineering Manual" is the definitive resource for information on air pollution emission sources and the technology to control them. (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

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Edited by Wayne Davis, this 850-page book uses more than 500 detailed charts and photographs, as well as an extensive listing of Internet resources, to accompany up-to-date discussions of fundamental, technological, and regulatory issues related to air pollution. Hardcover.

Coverage includes:
* Biological air pollution control, including biofilters and bioscrubbers
* Emissions from wood processing, brick and ceramic product manufacturing,
pharmaceutical manufacturing, numerous other industrial processes, fugitive
emissions, internal combustion sources, and evaporative losses
* Waste/wastewater treatment plant emissions
* Changes in emission factors for each source category, including particle
size factors related to PM10 and PM2.5
* Updated MACT regulations and technologies

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Authors/Editors: Anthony J. Buonicore, Wayne T. Davis, Editors

Year Published: 2000

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Format: Hardcover