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"The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has been sponsoring A&WMA events for many decades.  A&WMA events have provided the Air District with the opportunity to further educate our regional Board of Director’s about the very nuanced, complex and broad array of air quality management topics that make up the regulatory world.  A&WMA works hard to ensure that attendees and presenters at conferences and events hail from all parts of the globe sharing their unique challenges and successes. The Air & Waste Management Association, its affiliated conferences and meetings, are built upon the effectiveness and strength of its members.  The Bay Area Air District believes that when one of our partner organizations is successful, we all have the opportunity to match that level of success through thoughtful sharing of ideas and lessons learned.  A&WMA is among the best member organizations that helps further the advancement of clean air progress in the United States."

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District 
‚ÄčOne of our organizational members and sponsors

"The Air and Waste Management Association has been a tremendous influence on my career development.  As a young lawyer, it provided conferences on environmental topics so that I could learn more about my chosen area of practice, and begin developing my network of professional friends.  As I became more experienced, it provided a platform for me to develop my speaking and presenting abilities.  I  participated in numerous conferences as a speaker, including an ACE conference. 
The A&WMA also directly impacted my professional trajectory.  I owe my time practicing at United Airlines to the A&WMA.  This tremendous employment opportunity was presented to me – unsolicited -- because another A&WMA member referred me to a colleague who was looking to fill an environmental legal position.  That shows the power of getting involved in the professional community and developing your network!
As I have continued to grow and develop in my career, the A&WMA has provided me with formal and informal leadership training.  I have participated on the Board of Directors and chaired committees that were putting on some of our section’s largest and most profitable events.  This year I have stepped up to chair our local section, and I couldn’t be more pleased to offer my time and abilities to the A&WMA in an effort to give back to this organization.  Our section is starting to work on mentoring younger environmental professionals in a more formal way, and that has been really gratifying.
My experience as an environmental lawyer in Chicago has been much richer because of all of the opportunities that the A&WMA has given me.  The most important benefit of my involvement, however, has been getting a chance to meet and interact with so many professional friends that I have gotten to know over the years. 
These opportunities are available to anyone, not just to me  – so I encourage anyone who is interested to get involved! "

Christina Landgraf
Counsel - Health, Safety, Security & Environment, BP America Inc.
"While His Holiness's schedule does not permit him to accept your kind invitation, he wishes me to convey his prayerful good wishes for the work of the Conference. In his Encyclical Laudato Si', he offered words of appreciation and encouragement for all those committed to combatting environmental degradation and promoting the integral development of our human family (No. 13). It is his hope that your discussions will contribute to that global dialogue, solidarity and action needed to foster a genuine culture of care for the earth, our common home. 

Upon all taking part in the Conference the Holy Father cordially invokes God's blessings of wisdom, joy and peace."

From the Vatican, 29 May 2017

The Air and Waste Management Association does what few organizations do:  it brings together environmental professionals from business, government and academia for civilized, substantive discourse about technical and policy issues related to air pollution and waste management.  Through its programs and publications, AWMA supports and provides opportunities for professionals to share their research, explore new technologies, and interact with colleagues from across the country.  AWMA also invests in the next generation, through training and scholarships and mentoring." 
Janet McCabe, Senior Law Fellow at the Environmental Law and Policy Center 
and former Acting Assistant Administrator,
Office of Air and Radiation, USEPA

"There is no environmental program available, that can match ACE for the breadth of air and waste topics addressed by key personnel in their fields."
Scott Freeburn, retired EHS Manager, International Paper, and A&WMA President
"I truly believe that for those of us working in the air and waste management fields, A&WMA is one of the most beneficial conferences available to our unique industries.”
Jack P. Broadbent, Executive Officer/Air Pollution Control Officer,
San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District