Annual YP Issue

EM – January 2023: This month, EM presents our annual special issue that focuses on the work being done by young professionals.
by Nadine de Bruyn

The momentum is strong to understand and seek greater air emissions reductions. This drive is reflected in this year's third Annual YP Issue of EM, with three important research articles tied to emissions policy and study.

The first article by Parastoo Ali Pour (Trinity Consultants Inc.) dives into the “Challenges and Successes with Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs,” particularly the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (CA LCFS). As the author explains, the program's goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through transportation carbon intensity reductions was met with unexpected obstacles.

The second article revisits the potential of reducing tire waste and emissions through reuse in concrete. Brian Gallagher, Owen Breisch, Andrew Slusser, and Saritha Karnae (Wilkes University) were the Best Paper recipients of the Sustainability, Climate Change, Resource Conservation and Waste Management (SCRWM) Group category. Their article on “The Repurposing and Research of Tires into a Usable Concrete Mixture” investigates the compressive strengths of various mixes and discusses possible reconfiguration of standard concrete ingredients.

Third, we present the Best Paper winner of the Industry, Power, Government, and Indigenous Sectors (IPGI) Group category, “Estimating GHG Reduction from Batteries” by  Kaitlyn Watkins (Florida Power & Light). With renewable power generation on the rise, solutions are needed to meet peak energy demands during unfavourable weather. In this article, the author assesses the environmental benefits of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) project to bridge this gap.

Many thanks to all the authors who submitted their articles, sharing their knowledge and insights. The EM Annual YP Issue accepts articles with a range of environmental topics. If you are a student or YP interested in publishing an article with us in a YP or regular EM issue, please feel free to contact the (YPAC) Publications Committee via the website at

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