September 2018

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of theon the U.S. Clean Air Act (CAA) National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) program, with contributing authors from the federal government and three state associations. We will continue this topic in the December issue.

Inside This Month's Issue


Federal and State Perspectives on National Ambient Air Quality Standards
John Kinsman

EPA’s ‘Back-to-Basics’ Process for Review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards
by Alexander Dominguez and Clint Woods

A Story Seldom Told: National Ambient Air Quality Standards and Success in Air Pollution Control
by Jason Sloan, Stuart Spencer, and Nancy Vehr

For NAAQS, Follow the Science
Miles Keogh

Western Ozone NAAQS Implementation Issues: Addressing Background and Transport
by Mary Uhl and Tom Moore

Also This Month...

PM File: Minding Business
by David L. Elam
This month, PM File reminds us to practice mindfulness and avoid the pitfalls of media multitasking.

Message from the President: Leveraging Technology to Better Serve Members
by Chris Nelson



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