April 2014

In this issue of EM, you will find articles that look at different aspects of water quality, including the regulation of pharmaceutical disposal, the management of emerging contaminants in drinking water, and whether policies to manage stormwater runoff are having adverse—and unintended—consequences on the environment.

Inside This Month's Issue


Raising the Bar on Water Quality
by Ann McIver

Regulation of Pharmaceutical Disposal Promotes Environmental Protection
by Kathryn Onesios-Barry and Elsie Rivera Palabrica

A Proactive Approach to Managing Emerging Contaminants in Drinking Water
by Keith Cartnick

Sediment Removal vs. Sediment Starvation: Is One Environmental Remedy Making Another Environmental Problem Worse?
by Daniel J. O’Toole

Also In This Issue

Air Pollution in Tehran: Key Issues and Forecasting
by Mohammad Arhami, Hasti Farokhzad, and Nima Kamali
Spotlight on Tehran’s air pollution problems.

QUIC: A Fast, High-Resolution 3D Building-Aware Urban Transport and Dispersion Modeling System
by Michael J. Brown
A profile of the Quick Urban & Industrial Complex (QUIC) dispersion modeling system.

Sustainability Reporting Now a Part of Mainstream Reporting
by Sunita Rao and R.P. Srivastava
A look at the current state of sustainability reporting in different industries around the globe.

IT Insight: Windows XP Sails into the Sunset…Maybe
by Jill Barson Gilbert

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