April 2015

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of the latest developments in mobile source emissions and dispersion modeling, including the recently released MOVES2014 model, covering on-road vehicle emissions and off-road equipment.

Inside This Month's Issue


Mobile Sources as the Main Air Toxics Exposure Contributor
by Jesse Thé

Estimation of Mixed Traffic Densities in Congested Roads Using Monte Carlo Analysis
by Brian Freeman, Bahram Gharabaghi, and Jesse Thé

Vehicle I/M Programs for Developing Nations
by Brian Freeman, Bahram Gharabaghi, Shah Faisal, Meshal Abdullah, and Jesse Thé

TRAQS: Combined Interface for Project-Level Mobile Air Quality Analysis
by Bryan Matthews, Michael Johnson, Mohammad Munshed, Jesse Thé, and Robert Chamberlin

Modeling and Management of PM10 from Mobile Sources
by Lee Weiss, Bahram Gharabaghi, and Jesse Thé

Also In This Issue

Etcetera: Reversing Course, EPA Tightens Its RCRA Hazardous Waste Recycling Rules
by Anthony B. Cavender

IT Insight: Cybersecurity: A Global Issue
by Jill Barson Gilbert

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