April 2017

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of the air quality issues, trends, current initiatives, and potential path forward for improving air quality in five current or potential megacities around the world: São Paulo,Brazil; Cairo, Egypt; Tehran, Iran; Delhi, India; and Beijing, China.

Inside This Month's Issue


Air Quality in Megacities Around the World
by Prakash Doraiswamy, Golam Sarwar, and Ali Farnoud

The Evolution of Air Quality in the Megacity of São Paulo, Brazil
by Maria de Fátima Andrade

Air Quality Issues in Megacities: The Challenge of Cairo, Egypt
by Alan Gertler, Douglas Lowenthal, and Mounir Labib

Air Pollution Challenges in the Megacity of Tehran, Iran
by Farhad Azarmi and Mohammad Arhami

Combating Air Pollution in North India—The Path Forward
by Prakash Doraiswamy et al.

ABaCAS: An Overview of the Air Pollution Control Cost–Benefit and Attainment Assessment System and Its Application in China
by Jia Xing et al.

Also This Month...

Asian Connections: Asia’s Megacities on Different Pathways to Cleaner Air
by Fu Lu, Prarthana Borah, and Robyn Garner
Asia’s megacities are demonstrating that there are different pathways to cleaner air that harmonize economic and social development agendas with air pollution mitigation strategies across multiple sectors.

EPA Research Highlights: New MARKAL Tool Designed to Help
Cities Meet Environmental Protection Goals

Cities interested in setting sustainability goals to reduce air pollution and protect water quality might want to look at the energy–water connection. While that may seem unusual, it is based on the fact that providing and treating water requires a lot of energy.


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