April 2018

In this issue of EM, you will find the second in a two-part series that spotlights the “waste” side of the Air & Waste Management Association, with expert insight into effective approaches for managing contaminated soils, as well as the timely issue of managing spent electric-vehicle batteries.

Inside This Month's Issue


Window on Waste—From Contaminated Sites to Electric
Vehicle Batteries

by David H. Minott

The Use of Cement in Site Remediation
Paul Ruehl

Management of Mildly-Contaminated Soil
Lisa Damiano, Stephanie Monette, and Eric Steinhauser

End-of-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries
Ning Ai and Katheryn Borucki

Natural Source Zone Depletion
Tom Palaia

Also This Month...

EPA Research Highlights: The Three Rs of Environmental Cleanup: Remediation, Restoration, and Revitalization
by Aaron Ferster
An innovative research program, known as Remediationto-Restoration-to-Revitalization, or R2R2R, is helping turn formerly contaminated lands back into assets through revitalizations that yield economic and other societal benefits.

YP Perspective: Adapting Waste Management for Climate Challenges
Jacob Shepherd
A primer on how waste management facilities should plan for changing local environmental conditions and some of the challenges created by climate change.


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